Saturday, January 12, 2008


That was Ella's temperature last night.

All day yesterday her temp wouldn't go below 101.5 and by 4:00 it was back up to 103.8. So Jason took her to Primary Children's where they did all the tests and x-rays ("They took a photo of my heart and lungs, mama") and everything came out normal. Good thing. I guess she just has a particularly nasty pink-eye infection that causes all the coughing and fevers.

And then by 11:00 last night the fever spiked to 104.5. This was even WITH all the medication she's taking. So I stripped her down and gave her a lukewarm bath ("Don't give me a cold bath. Please don't give me a cold bath." She kept begging with her poor little laryngitis voice. It only came out as squeaks and whispers.) and that only helped her go down one degree.

Eventually, by 5:30 this morning, her temp got down to 99.5.

Eva isn't as bad, although she's still battling a low-grade fever. Both girls just want to sleep all day today.

Some day I have to go back to work -- I haven't been to work since last Monday -- and it's looking highly unlikely I'll be in on Monday. I'm sick of daycare.


Erinne said...

What's going on with all the sicknesses? I'm so sorry. I can't believe you've been hit by all that crap! I really hope things turn around for your little girls soon. It just has seemed like a never-ending battle for you. Good luck and hang in there.

And I don't mean to be tacky by posted my next comments while your girls are down and out...but I totally agree with you, though I lean more to Jacob, I think Bella shouldn't have to choose. Why not get the best of both worlds, in my opinion. Go to my mom's blog:
She just posted a new "Jacob" picture.