Thursday, March 25, 2010

conversations with ella

The girls can hardly wait until Lagoon opens. We constantly talk about the rides and how much fun we have. It reminded me of a moment last year when we had just finished riding the Terroride (the Haunted House). Ella loves the haunted house and so I had asked her if she wanted to go on it again. She said no and I asked her, "Is it because you're scared?" She replied, "I'm not scared, I'm just frightened."

We've been learning about money and what it takes to earn it. Then Ella and I had the following conversation:
ella: I'm going to buy things with words and money.
me: well honey, you buy things with money, not words.
ella: (getting exasperated) well mooooom...
me: I'm just trying to teach you.
ella: (frustrated) I know you're trying to teach me, but I'm trying to teach YOU.


LeFiffre said...

She was trying to tell you that she's going to be a copywriter and -- even better -- a copywriter with A JOB. HaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ohhhh buoy, would I get the last laugh outa that.