Monday, September 24, 2007


Jason wonders why I didn't post a family photo with ALL of us in it and why I haven't written about him. To which my reply is as follows:

When was the last time we HAD a family photo taken?
(Uh, he says, never?)

Tell me what to write about you.
(Um, he says, I have to study.)

Here, here.


melissa said...

You're married? ;)

Anonymous said...

It would be a great day if you have a family photo and update my old ones.

John said...

Maybe a screen grab from World of Warcraft? Remember those portraiture books we had at Igx? I ended up with them. Jeff could probably swing the loan of a light set....

Alternately, the other Jeff, Jeff Holmes, is a great portrait photog. Maybe he'll work for some pizza and dermatology consultation...who knows. Want me to ax him for his Flickr site?