Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I had to laugh at the end of the day when I realized the gem I had on my camera:

This would be Eva: happy and bright-eyed in the morning. Ready to take on the day and fill it with laughter, discovery, and yummy food.

This would be Eva too: grumpy and slept-on-my-face in the afternoon. Ready to suffer through the day and fill it with screaming, pooping, and clinginess.

Remember, these were taken within a few hours of each other. Some days, it's like Jekyll & Hyde.


melissa said...

The great thing about Eva, is that even during the "Hyde" time you can still get her to smile at you like it's "Jekyll" time. ;)

John said...

I like the second's her Winston Churchill look.

Little Miss said...

Hey I can relate! You should see MY before and after pics!

; )

Anonymous said...

All I can do is laugh, at Eva because she is so cute and at her Mom because she is so clever in making sense of it all. Love Omi