Tuesday, October 2, 2007

doomed, I tell ya

Today we found out Eva has an ear infection (poor baby girl!) so she started her amoxicillin regimen. Jason is doing much better too -- he finally quit hacking up a lung and he's over his fever. And Ella, well, after Saturday's vomitting session she seems to be back to her old self (and on day five of no accidents!).

Needless to say I've been surrounded by the sick and afflicted! I don't know how I've escaped it so far. I'm waiting for my time. Should we place bets on what I'm gonna get? Let's see: vomitting, earache, coughing, or fever.
Wow -- let's hope not ALL of it!

However, as my friends can attest, I have been bitten by the stupid bug. But that's a story I choose not to repeat....

Funny story that happened today:

ella: Go Mama, go!
denise: Go? Where do you want me to go?
e: In the kitchen
d: Why do I need to go to the kitchen?
e: Make Ella pancakes

If it wasn't so freakin' funny I would've scolded her for not saying please.


Anonymous said...

By the way Denise I caught the bug. I'm drinking lots of hot herbal tea today. That's all that feels good. You sould say I gave myself for the cause (cause it's a good one!) Love you, Mom