Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Curiosity killed the cat, you know."

"I know."

So, after more than a week of kids being sick, really sick, we're finally back into the real world. I'm back at work, girls are back in school, and Jason is back at work. Poor Ella had bronchialitis and an ear infection so she was on three medications plus a breathing treatment three times a day. I think we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas about 30 times this past week. Hence the above quote.

Anyway, the medication Ella had to take was absolutely disgusting. The only thing I could bribe her with was Disney princess band-aids. I hope you can see how her legs are covered in band-aids! (They're on her arms too!)

Oh, and Eva took her first steps three days ago. She giggled the whole time!


melissa said...

Yay!! I am so excited for Eva. Good girl!

melissa said...

p.s. that pic of you and Ella is scary ;)

Anonymous said...

What I love about seing Nightmare Before Christmas with Ella while I tend her is hearing her sing the entire soundtrack, even the words she doesn't quite understand the pronounciation yet. She's a marvel!
You and she are quite the little she-devils. And Eva, well she's just precious.
I love you all, Omi