Monday, October 15, 2007

sick and love

We're back to being sick again. Crap.

Well, just Eva anyway. Her ear infection is worse and tonight she developed hives. Jason's pretty sure it's from all the Motrin we've been giving her. My poor baby girl!

Ella seems normal, Jason seems normal, and yes, I am still normal! (Well, that's debatable at times....)

Oh, and I would like to announce that Ella is officially potty-trained and has been for a week! Next to come, night-time training.

Let me mention that I LOVE my new job! It is seriously the coolest job. I feel like I get the best of both worlds: an awesome job and being with my girls, too. How lucky is that?

We finally had our family photos taken yesterday -- thanks to our timed camera! I thought I'd show some of our favorites. I suppose I'm unveiling them a bit early since they're meant for Christmas. Oh well, act surprised when you get one in the mail.

The whole fam damily:

This is pre-hives:


"You're okay, Eva."


Anonymous said...

What can I say? I'm the proud Omi of this family. What precious, and I mean precious as priceless jewels you are... and the photos too!
Ella is so grown up.
Is there any way to copy these photos off the blog? I can't wait until Christmas. Love you MOM

Little Miss said...

Oh I promise to be surprised! Look at Ella's hair--she looks so grown up!!

But I have to admit, the devil pic on your side bar is my favorite! And I'm laughing because Ella looks so much like Jason in that picture!! (draw your own conclusions- LOL)

miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I just looked again. What a beautiful family!! I mean it. Omi