Sunday, November 4, 2007

halloween week

Aside from all the puke this week...

(by the way: this bug also inhabited the bowels of both Jason and I. So after the girls were finished with their nights of vomiting, Jason and I followed suit. Fun.)

...we have had a fun week, both with Halloween and Eva's first birthday. So, here's some pics from our week of candy, fun, and costumes:

Jason dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow (minus the eye makeup) and Eva HATED it! She screamed every time he went near her in his costume. Guess she's not a Johnny Depp fan.

And here's our sweet birthday angel...that is, when she isn't screaming because of her scary pirate daddy!

Ella and I as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story 2. I had to include a photo of Ella from behind because I just think her yarn braid is so cute!

And now that Christmas stuff is already on display in stores, I suppose the spirit of Halloween has breezed on past us and ol' Jack Skellington is back in Halloweentown. And so, too, my Halloween blog will come to an end. But not today. 'Cause I really need to sleep....


Little Miss said...

What great costumes!! and i LOVE that Eva is screaming/crying w/ Jason just laughing--

the things we do to our kids will surely haunt us down the road, don't you think?! : )

Anonymous said...

Ooh I want all those photos for my file, NOW, except for the one I sent you. Is there any way to save them from your blog into my computer? I'm not savvy you know. Mom