Saturday, November 17, 2007

miniature players

Ella loves playing golf (or "golfball" as she calls it) on the Wii so we thought it would be fun to take her miniature golfing. We found an indoor course and spent the afternoon trying to teach her how to hold her golf club. She is such an independent "I do it!" kind of girl that we couldn't convince her to just let us show her. You should've seen the many ways she held her club. We laughed the whole time! After
the second hole she figured out that it was much more fun to hit it once, pick up her ball, and drop it in the hole. "I got it in the hole!" she would excitedly announce.

She obliged Jason and I by dropping our balls in the hole too. That was the easiest game of miniature golf I've ever played.

Oh, and Eva was just happy as can be with a club of her own. She even tried to swing it but realized it was a bit too heavy.

Jason and I couldn't help but laugh when we compared our miniature golf experience now to our experiences as teenagers. The goal back then was to see how many kisses you could steal from your date. Now? Well let's just say kissing was on the back-burner and keeping kids from falling into the water was in the forefront.


Anonymous said...

Now that's the way I want to play, Ella. Omi
As far as the kissing goes I think I would be kissing those two girls for every little thing they do. Such cheap entertainment for me. Mom

CresceNet said...
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Steven said...
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Steven said...

Have you guys played Super Mario Galaxy yet? It's soooooo fun. It's like crack.

I totally need to get your Wii friend code so we can trade Mii's!