Thursday, January 24, 2008

cabin fever

After two weeks of being stuck inside we all had a touch of cabin fever. So on Monday we all went outside for some playtime in the snow.

Sidenote: it feels like it takes two hours to get kids ready for wintertime play, and then within ten minutes they're done. (Especially after Ella did a face-plant in the snow!) It seems like such a lot of work for nothing, but even those few minutes did everyone some good. I suppose it's worth it.

Since this last illness pretty much kicked my kids in the butt, we are no longer taking them to daycare. DONE with that. My friend, "M2", has them three days a week until May when she has her baby. Then I'll be looking for a nanny-type of situation during the summer. And after that, who knows.

We're just so sick of, well, sick!


Le Fiffre said...

What super cute little pink snow critters! At the end of the day, did you end up with as many mittens as you began with?

My guess is that Jason's already calculating how a toddler car seat might be affixed to a snowmobile: "Girls, you may think snow angels are fun, but have you ever tried adrenaline?"