Sunday, February 17, 2008

plumber's crack and bulbous bellies

How cute are these girls? We are having so much fun with them. Most of the time, anyway.

Eva is growing up so quickly. Both of them are, really. Eva is growing out of her clothes -- again. The unfortunate thing is the next size up is the summer gear. Please stop snowing so I don't have to buy more winter clothes!

[Sidenote: I am SO sick of the snow and cold weather. Just let me take the kids somewhere without battling coats, gloves, hats and boots.]

And today Ella said, "My underwear is small." I'm thinking she's being her typical anal-retentive self until I check out her panties. Sure enough, her plumber's crack is exposed -- and that's with her panties pulled up as far as they'll go. Good freakin' night! I guess it's a good thing Jason works and I have two jobs.

But holy crap these girls make me laugh.

Eva sounds out of breath all day long. It's like her huge, bulbous belly drags her body down and she runs out of breath just to keep moving! Oh, and if she had her choice, she'd read books 24/7. It cracks me up. She picks out a book and walks backward with her butt pointing straight at you until she finds your lap to sit.

Ella is so independent. Her new favorite thing is Didi & Ditto, a computer game I bought for her to play on my computer. I came in one day to see her parked in my chair playing her game. Apparently she had started everything on her own. I guess she needs me less and less these days.

Oh, and the other day she says to me, "I have to work." Okay, I'm thinking, that sounds like me. So I set her up on the ol' PC and she starts typing away and clicking the mouse. She starts saying things like: "What is going on here?" and "Why is that happening?" Then she hands me a toy and says, "here, play with this while I work." Is that what I sound like? Gotta change that.

Jason and I celebrated our six-year anniversary a couple weeks ago. Dude, it's really been that long. Crazy.

I'm still running every chance I get. It's a great a escape for me. I'm training for a 5K this spring and by the end of the summer I want to run at least a half-marathon, if not a marathon. Gotta firm up these fricken' weak ankles of mine.

Until next time -- and hopefully I can get back into blogging again.


Momma Twitch said...

What are you doing to train?? I've been wanting to run a big race, but I have no clue how to train....can I copy you??? Hahaha. It's good to see you guys are doing better.

Melissa said...

I'm so happy to see you back! I can't wait to run with you this summer! The girls are so dang cute.

Le Fiffre said...

Fun new theme. Great, memorable entry.