Tuesday, February 19, 2008

it all changes after a day

Okay, so my last entry was all lovey-dovey, "oh I love my girls," life is fun. Well blah to that!

Would I still be a good mom if I sold my children to the circus? They would grow up around animals, which they really love, and learning how to do acrobatic moves, which would be really cool, right? Don't you think that would be a great atmosphere for a child?

Ella won't sleep. When Ella doesn't sleep, mom doesn't sleep. And when mom doesn't sleep, well, let's just say I'm holding my vocabulary back to a PG rating.

Granted, they are cute.

But I still want to sell them.


LeFiffre said...

What's your refund policy?

Le Fiffre said...

It seems like three people read this, based on comments. Does your vast and numerous family on both sides perhaps not like you, or just not type?

The Hadleys said...

thanks a lot -- make me feel a little vulnerable here! Actually, I get a lot of people who talk to me about it but they never leave comments. But hey, I like your comments so you can leave enough for everyone!