Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i got tagged

My friend decided to tag me which means I have to list seven random/weird facts about me. Do I have ta? (*whining*) If I don't, she'll keep harassing me. You know you will, M!

I want to mention that I am now exempt from all future tags and other such blogging phenomena. So don't even consider it.

1. I like to dip my toast in yogurt
2. I hate being called Dee Dee
3. I think Bella should have both Edward and Jacob (I just don't know the logistics in that situation)
4. I'm sitting here in my IIE shirt and maternity pants (I'm not pregnant, people!)
5. I feel bad for Britney
6. I believe there is our universe and an alternate universe (I won't tell you what I'm doing in the alternate universe)
7. I love picking the wax out of Eva's ears


Melissa said...

ok, so you "did" the tag. I was hoping for some more interesting/wierd facts about you...but that said your deed is done!

The Hadleys said...

those aren't weird/interesting enough?! I don't have 8 toes or 3 nipples to tell you about but I thought they were pretty good!

Melissa said...

ok so now your going to lie about the third nipple??

Le Fiffre said...


You're much more weird than that. C'mon.