Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the world is over

Please, a moment of silence for the passing of World of Warcraft......

.....Now, a moment of applause for the passing of World of Warcraft!

Jason has decided to retire his character from the world of online gaming, probably much to the dismay of his guild and fellow online gamers. But who gives a crap what they think. The point is, does he want a wife or a guild?

(Don't you dare say that's a tough choice.)


Le Fiffre said...


Tarzan stewing, Jane whooping.

Word to the wise: A man can say that he gave up the game because, yawn, "It's time to move on." That's because he can never admit, "Um, my wife made me." Nope. Not and hold his head high. Unless he adds some sly comment about how lucky he's been getting. So understand this will be fortcoming and that it's not a sign of disrespect but of social self-preservation.

You'll need to feed him online mainline methadone or a substitute addiction.

BTW, that Jason is a damn good man.