Saturday, March 29, 2008


So not a lot of people know I had surgery a couple days ago to remove a cyst in my perotid gland. As you can see from the photo, I had quite the large growth under my left jawline and after a couple CT scans it was determined I had to have it removed. Which was fine with me because I swear my photos lately look like I have a fat face, thanks to my second head!

We went up to Huntsman Cancer where they cut me open from the front of my ear, around the back, and down my hairline to remove a two-inch cyst. (Sorry if the photo grosses you out.) All-in-all it was a 3-hour surgery. They did preliminary pathology on it to reveal it's benign but they're doing additional testing on it to make sure. They also took samples of my gland and my lymphnodes to make sure there isn't any cancer there either. We'll know those results next week.

My doc was awesome. If you want a referral to a good ENT, give me a call!

So, I'm doped up on drugs and sleeping a lot. And other than feeling like I got punched in the ear, I'm feeling okay.

UPDATE: Just so you know, everything came back benign. And Jason has loved being my doctor. Right now he's waiting for me in the other room so he can remove my stitches.


Le Fiffre said...

I'll bet Jason was all, "Can I watch?"

By way of encouragement, I'll relate that I had to have something like that removed while y'all were in Atl, about a 9" incision, and now there's absolutely no scar and it never crosses my mind except in instances like this. I was so glad to be rid of it and no longer feel like a freak.

BTW, I didn't notice anything unusual about your jaw/neck until now in the photos.

Strange when our bodies decide they're going to grow something odd.

You'll feel pretty groovy in a week or two.

Momma Twitch said...

WOW! I'm glad you can have all the drugs! Holy cow! I'm hope you heal up quick!

Little Miss said...

That is the most awesome thing I've seen in a while! OH MY **#! tell me that is not a drainage tube?

I hope you have recovered well (and can post more pics because I'm sick and twisted like that!)

seriosly though...I'm so glad all tests came back negative/benign/etc. What a scary ordeal (as if surgery alone wasn't bad enough!)


Le Fiffre said...

Hey, whoa, that IS a drainage tube.

(What's your number?)
Maybe resistance is futile after all.

Jason removing your stitches:
0 True love.
0 Recreation.
0 Good practice.
0 All the above.

Were you a good patient or all, "OW! That hurt!"

So I had this floppy drainage tube in the middle of my back...between my shoulder blades. Yeah, great place for a bachelor. I had to slightly tape new dressings to the bathroom door jamb and then back into them like a bear. Sucked, but I thought I was pretty ingenious. I DON'T NEED ME NO WOMAN. These are the things one tells oneself.

The Hadleys said...

Yes, it's a drainage tube and you nailed it, John, I felt like the Borg.

I thought I'd also mention that the doc took photos of the surgery and gave them to Jason. It was like Christmas at the Hadley house. Jason wanted to show everyone who walked through the door. So gross!