Tuesday, May 6, 2008

life quote

Last weekend my good friend said to me, "Live tomorrow as if you were going to be a hundred years old and as though it were your last." He's always been the king of philosophy and life quotes. And he always seems to know what to say at the exact moment in my life when it really has meaning to me. That's probably why we've been friends since we were 11 years old.

But I digress...

This particular quote holds a lot of meaning to me right now. Mostly for personal reasons that I don't want to share, but also because I just found out today that my beloved job at the design studio is gone. Their doors are closing after being open only one year. Turns out this economic downturn has effected me other than with rising grocery costs and crazy expensive gas.

And so, I begin the task (again) of preparing for our future -- in case I do live to be a hundred -- and yet, savor a good apple martini* every now and then, just to add a little danger to the here and now. Because, as the quote says, it could be my last.

*it might be more appropriate to substitute "martini" with "fruit punch" :)


Le Fiffre said...

How's this post been up for days and I didn't notice...?

I let Mik know you might be looking.