Sunday, July 20, 2008

alphabet celebration

In honor of Ella finishing her alphabet curriculum, we held an alphabet party yesterday. It was so much fun!

We all know Ella has known her letters since she was 13 months and the sounds letters make by age 18 months. But I liked this particular curriculum because it concentrated on the sound letters made and applied those sounds to words. Each week we learned a new composer, mammal, plant, ocean creature, color, bird, craft, math, science, and activity; all starting with the letter of the week. The next curriculum we're going to start is the sound of the week. It combines two letters together to form a sound: i.e. "s" and "t" into "st"

She has also been writing words for the past 6 months so I wanted to show how she writes her lowercase and uppercase letters. I just love it! (Yes, I'm a proud mama.)


Le Fiffre said...

Unless you start introducing some typography into this curriculum, she's gonna wind up being an English Major.


(Love the new masthead.)

Alissa said...

Wow, that is such a great idea! Robbie and I really want to do something like that with our oldest, Emilie. She is really into letters as well.