Thursday, July 17, 2008

"i wanna roam and gamble, but I need to get out of my purple village"

Last weekend was crazy! Me and 3 girlfriends spent a few days in Vegas living it up in the sun by day and dancing all night long. In honor of our insane getaway, I have assembled my top 10 fave memories that maybe you won't get, but my vegas girls will!

1. Amy's purple village and elephants on stilts
2. VIP'd and comp'd into any club we wanted. Pays to make friends with club promoters. (And being a girl doesn't hurt!)
3. The mama's drink. Thank you Heather!
4. The marine, the frenchie, the taio guy....
5. Dancing on the bar in Coyote Ugly
6. Late night foot soaking with Suzy (heels hurt, people!)
7. Ben the cab driver
8. Photos with the bachelor party
9. Ceiling mirrors in our hotel room
10. Nachos. Every day. All hours.

And I suppose there is a number 11:

11. Coming home to the men we love and the kids we can't live without!


Melissa said...

You are lookin hot my friend!!!