Thursday, July 3, 2008

the infestation

Last weekend I went to the Troll 2 mean Festival up in Morgan. If you've never heard of Troll 2 how dare you! Actually, most people I talk to don't know about it. It has been voted the best worst movie ever made and has quite the cult following within the last couple years.

You gotta read what's been written about it: click here!

So why the hell am I up in Morgan wearing my Troll 2 OMG T-shirt? (See movie for reference.)

Because my cousin was in the movie and he's become quite our B-list celebrity! Or maybe C-list. :) They've flown him all over the world for screenings and Q&As for the Troll 2 fans. I'm just a Darren fan and not much of a Troll 2 fan. Anyway, his band was playing and they were showing the movie outside. And the weekend wouldn't be complete without bologna sandwiches, green punch, and Nilbog signs! (Again, you'll have to see the movie for that reference.)

[Notice how "Nilbog" is "Goblin" backwards. Oh the humanity!]


Anonymous said...
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lottery said...
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Le Fiffre said...

Uh oh, has Sara been posting naughty comments on your blog? Ain't she just like that? ;}

The best part is that you're up at 12:59 a.m. posting and then checking and editing your comments. Only free time available nowdays?

I'd previously read all about this Margam phenom. That's great that you were up there for the fun. Do you have a copy of the movie?