Wednesday, November 4, 2009

begging and pleading

I can’t imagine anyone reads our blog anymore. Considering the last time I wrote was last spring. But on the rare chance that anyone reads it…. Well, I’m begging you to forgive me and enjoy the update!

Our little family has been through quite a whirlwind the last couple years. I’m sure you’ve noticed by the lack of posting. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve enjoyed our lives, our time together, the things we’re experiencing. But it is starting to wear on me and I long for the quiet days in Atlanta, when Ella and I used to take long walks, and read for hours a day, and just….be. I feel like Eva and I have really missed out on that type of childhood.

I’m currently working two jobs again; full-time during the day, part-time at night. I also just started this crazy exercise program called CrossFit. And if you’ve heard about it, you know it’s intense. I hurt, but it’s a good hurt. I finished my first marathon in August and I couldn’t figure out why I was gaining weight after running more than 25 miles a week! I guess my body got too used to running, so that’s why I’m onto CrossFit.

Jason is busy but he only has about 7 months to go and residency is done! We have a serious addiction to house hunting right now. We fondly refer to it as looking at house porn. We’re always keeping our eye open for great homes, and as soon as he signs a work contract (within the next couple months….) we’ll be able to look seriously. Just think, 14 years of apartment living is almost over!

And then there are my babies. Of course, they aren’t babies anymore.

Eva just turned three on Halloween. She woke up that morning and had forgotten it was her birthday. When I reminded her, her eyes lit up and she said, “I three! I not one, I not two, I three!” She was so cute. We had her birthday party a couple weeks before her birthday and she wanted to have the theme of Boots the Monkey (Dora the Explorer’s sidekick). Oh, and it was a costume party. So she dressed up as Boots, Ella was Dora, and all the kids came dressed up. It was Eva’s special day and I loved watching her enjoy it. She really has such a fun personality. The words I would use to describe her are: independent, free spirit, snuggly, sensitive, comedic, and sneaky. She’s truly a unique little girl.

Eva started preschool with Ella and she’s so excited! She has been waiting to turn three and join her big sister at the Montessori school (the class for 3-5 year-olds). She’s also at Ballet West and her teacher said she was ready to move into the bigger class starting January. She is just growing up so fast and developing into such a beautiful little girl. We had our fall family photos taken by one of our photographers here at work. I think he took triple the amount of photos of Eva; he just thought she was so beautiful. She really does have such striking blue eyes. I’m terrified of the day when boys start to notice…..

And my dear, sweet Ella. She is growing up way too fast and exerting her way at any possible moment. Kind of like she’s four, going on 14. Since when did my sweet little girl talk back? Oh man, and the whining. Please tell me it ends soon! Regardless, I love her so much. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my “baby Ella” in her face and it nearly breaks my heart; I miss that stage of her life.

But I love watching who she’s becoming. She is such a sensitive, caring little girl. And she talks to Eva like, “Put the doll over there, sweetie,” or “Come eat some snacks, sweetie.” Always the sweetie. I must say that a lot because she certainly learned it from me! She’s also become afraid of the dark, so we bought some sparkly lamps. She chose pink and Eva chose purple, of course. She likes them a lot and she does much better with them on at night.

And this little Ella is such a smarty pants. She’s way ahead in reading in her class, and writing too. In fact, yesterday she wrote a whole bunch of words on a paper. One of which was “acrobat.” With no assistance. How on earth?!..... It still blows me away. She loves reading books. We finished the first Harry Potter book, and now we’re onto the second. She loves it. She also loves her ballet class and she’s determined to dance on stage with Clara in the Nutcracker when she’s ten years old. I don’t know why that age, but she’s persistent about it. She’s also told me she wants to take gymnastics again, ice skating lessons, and violin lessons. I can’t keep up with her! “But mama,” she says, “It’s only a few things I wanna do.” Ha! It makes me laugh.

We’ve kinda quit the home school thing. They both have lost interest and I always said it would be something we did IF they wanted to. So I’ve had to back off of our curriculum. Bummer. One of the things we were learning this year was bands: Elvis, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, U2, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Beatles….to name a few. Oh well. Maybe they’ll want to start again in a few months.

We still have our wonderful nanny in our family, Aundi. She continues to write notes about these girls; eventually I’ll write them in this blog. She’s so patient with us, especially since I’ve been working so much, and so late. Our place is always a mess and every day I come home from work and she’s cleaned it up. I can’t even begin to describe how much that means to me. I look forward to the day I can quit work, but I know that means she won’t be coming over anymore and I can’t stand that thought.

Well, I’ve written a whole novel, sorry! I’ll try to post more often (in smaller increments, lol).


David and Melissa said...

I seriously started tearing up reading about the girls! They are so beautiful and with they help of a wonderful mother(and father) they are growing up to be so great! I miss you!

Natalie said...

Just so you know someone reads your blog, I thought I'd say hi. That's exciting you are house hunting! Good luck.

The Browns said...

I read your blog too. I love the update. It's neat to read stories of your girls growing up. My baby is 3 months now and I love this stage. Good luck with the job hunt and house hunting!

The Hadleys said...

I'm so happy someone reads this! Thanks for posting comments. I'm hoping to get some photos up soon.