Friday, May 22, 2009

the last few months

Everyone is busy. I know. So it seems like such a lame excuse to say we're too busy to write. And now that I've implied it, I'll leave it at that and move on. :)

I just wanted to write a few things about what the Hadley's have been up to the last few months:

Hawaii! Without the kids for 6 days in paradise. Very fun!

Ballet West Academy. The girls finished up this year and are looking forward to taking classes again next fall.

Reading. Ella started reading several months ago. The longest words she has read so far: shower, mountain, name a few.

Running. I trained 4 months for my first marathon; then ended up in the hospital the week before and couldn't run it. Now I'm starting training all over again for a marathon in August. Jason will be running the half that day too.

7 years. Jason and I celebrated 7 years together. Cheers!

Work. I love working at Stampin' Up! and Jason has one year left of residency. Hallelujah!

Golfing. Jason bought himself some new golf clubs; then went back and bought some pink ones for the girls. The perfect daddy-daughter activity!

Dress up. Will it ever end?

Diapers. They don't exist in our home anymore! Eva, like Ella, pretty much decided when it was time and although she has the occasional accident, she is done. Hooray!

School. Ella finished her first year at the Montessori school and loved it. Next fall Eva gets to join her class. I still work with both girls on the homeschooling curriculum and we just finished that up for the summer. We'll start up again in the fall.

Camping. Our first Hadley camping trip was so much fun even though it rained pretty much the whole time. The girls can't wait to go again!

Hopefully I'll have time this summer to write, but if not, have a great summer! I know we will.... :)