Thursday, April 24, 2008

you spent how much?!

So this morning I check our account and find that someone had spent $3600 on our credit card. Turns out, someone in Minnesota stole our card number and went on a shopping spree at seven different WalMarts in the area. We had to cancel our cards, get a new pin number, and fill out a bunch of VISA dispute forms. Kinda makes you feel betrayed and vulnerable. Strange feeling.

On a lighter note, I'm back up to running 4 miles a day and loving what it's doing for my figure. I'm considering buying a bikini for this summer. Something I thought would never happen again! Jason is so impressed he went out and bought running shoes yesterday so he could get in shape, too.

Last night, after we had put the girls to bed -- in the bunk bed, of course -- I walked by their room to hear them giggling together. I took a peek inside and saw Ella and Eva lying in the bottom bunk together just laughing and giggling about nothing in particular. That is a sound I have been waiting almost two years to hear!


Melissa said...

That's nice! That really scares me. I have had to give my number over the phone a lot here in NY. I hope that doesn't happen. Why do people have to be so dishonest!!!!! I hope it all works out for you and they prosecute the lady who stole your number.

Melissa said...

p.s. if you wear a bikini, so will I. You will look even more skinny next to a prego..
p.p.s don't worry I wont really wear one.

Le Fiffre said...

When you see all kinds of unexplained charges from modern furniture stores and MOMA, LL Bean, Land's End, and Griot's Garages, then you'll know I stole your credit card.

I say, If you're gonna steal, steal right.